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Your Business or Publication(s) demand more than a Web server. It demands a team.

Managed Servers from COP

The solution covers your server needs from every angle, surrounding your service delivery to provide you:

Serious power — You’ll be equipped with a hardware and software configuration ideally suited to meet the traffic and performance demands of your sites and services.

Complete confidence — Our team of Internet experts delivers the full slate of system administration and management services, including security, backup, monitoring, and maintenance. Leave the it to us, so you can stay focused on your customers’ needs.

Growing room — COP Managed Server accounts offer great flexibility. A tiered solution set allows you to select the plan that best satisfies your budget and requirements. No limits on scalability makes it easy to grow as you go.

Your customers/readers/subscribers are calling for you to deliver innovation and responsive service. This leaves little time for you to be tinkering with disk drives, routers, and switches. And you don’t need to. COP Managed Server solutions deliver enterprise-class servers and software to power the most intensive sites and applications with bandwidth and processing. And then we dedicate a team of experts to ensure your services run smoothly 24/7 — all while lowering your costs. You can forget about investing in equipment and personnel for managing patches, upgrades, and various other technical requirements. Instead, you can leave everything to us.

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Typical Configuration

Fully Redundant – COP950 Quad Servers
Processor – 2 x Quad-Core Xeon
Memory – 8GB
Drive Space – 6 x 146 GB SAS
Configuration – Hardware RAID 5
Connection – 2000 GB on 100 Mbps Port

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Legendary Scalability & Reliability – Hosting Infrastructure


  • Multiple and redundant direct GigE (1000Mbps) links that scale to 10GigE to the backbone hubs
  • Built in excess capacity across the network
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • BGP4 (Border Gateway Protocol) on Cisco, Juniper and Foundry routers
  • 100% switch-based GigE Ethernet using the latest Foundry and HP technologies


  • 24×7 live closed circuit TV monitoring
  • No outsider is allowed; only internal systems and network administration staff have access
  • Triple check points
  • Complete controlled entry keycard system
  • 54 surveillance cameras around the data center