Digital Archiving

Traditional archiving and preservation methods such as paper, microfilm, and microfiche work well until the materials start to degrade. When this occurs, institutions must repeat the process, or risk losing their valuable content forever. COP provides a unique approach that digitizes information into a fully text-searchable, future-proof electronic format.

COP’s solutions ensure permanent content preservation because they store information as XML, an open text-based storage format. COP’s digital archive not only protects the content from technology changes, but also provides unique knowledge mining, search, retrieval, and viewing tools. At the same time, it preserves the look and feel of the original prime source materials.

With COP, librarians can preserve various historical assets, such as newspapers, books, manuscripts, thesis papers, yearbooks, and records, and make them available for online access and search.

COP provides long-term digital preservation and global online accessibility

COP allow you to combine your separate, costly text, microfilm, microfiche, and PDF archives into a single, robust XML repository. COP APA is designed for historic newspaper collections, while COP ViewPoint can display content from disparate sources.

Benefits for Libraries

  • Preserve the full text of a newspaper in the original print format, and enable full-text search
  • Convert text, microfilm, and PDF content into rich XML format, to ensure data portability and long-term preservation
  • Grant global access to formerly offline, rare, or fragile materials
  • Display digitized content on the Web by using COP’s viewing application or upload materials in the existing front end system
  • Grant permission to major search engines to crawl over your content
  • Create micro-archives by repurposing componentized content

Benefits for Users

  • Search within articles, pictures, advertisements; by keywords, date ranges or by publications
  • View information in its historical context
  • Compile headline-level search returns without PDF downloads
  • Print and email articles, photos, or ads of interest
  • Customize reading preferences by selecting viewing methods and text size