COP Email Marketing Solution V10.0

V10 – What’s New
Solve your email-deliverability challenges … no sweat

No matter how great your email campaign is, no one may ever see it if it lands in the junk folder. That’s why COP 10.0 – Delivery Edition is all about protecting the reputation score that ISPs use to determine what to deliver and what to block.

New in 10.0:

First-of-its-kind MailStream Optimization helps ensure deliverability

Let’s face it – some subscribers are more valuable than others. For example, getting a promotion out to your top-tier customers may have more bottom-line impact than sending a general newsletter to prospects that aren’t yet ready to buy.

Engagement matters, too. ISPs evaluate the IP addresses that you send mail from and use your historic open and click-through rates to determine whether or not you’re a legitimate, permission-based marketer.

COP 10.0 harnesses the power of “mailstreams” – the ability to send your campaign in parallel over multiple IP addresses – to protect your inbox-delivery rates. Our unique MailStream Optimization feature gives you unprecedented control over how you mail to your most important subscribers, by letting you associate different subscriber segments to different mailstreams.

Give your most important subscribers a delivery advantage. Using a simple wizard, you can ensure that particular sites, lists and custom-demographic segments use a particular mailstream for mailing. Grouping your best subscribers on one IP helps keep your reputation score high and puts the odds in your favor that your most important messages will get through to the right people.

Send mail faster. Our mailstream approach means campaigns arrive quicker to high-volume lists.
Put control in the hands of marketers. Our MailStream Optimization feature does not require scripting or IT support. It’s so easy, your marketers can fly solo.

Smart bounce processing weeds out invalid email addresses … and saves legitimate ones
Protect your sender reputation. One of the biggest red flags for ISPs is a sender that repeatedly sends to invalid email addresses. COP stops this cold by flagging and removing invalid email addresses from your list immediately.

Stop losing good addresses to “false positives.” Sometimes good addresses bounce because someone’s on an extended vacation or their mailbox remains full for too many days. Because ListManager 10.0 uses nine distinct bounce categories – compared to most email-marketing solutions that only use 2-4 categories – we don’t overzealously block good addresses because of content or other temporary issues.

We automatically respond to changes in ISP “connection settings,” so you don’t have to?

Like lanes on a freeway, there are a certain number of available “connections” for receiving your mail at each ISP, and sometimes they shut down without warning. Competitors may require you to periodically apply “connection-setting updates” to keep your system fine-tuned, but not COP 10.0. We automatically monitor and respond to these changes to keep your mail flowing smoothly.

Handle spam complaints automatically and learn what’s triggering them.

When subscribers hit the “Report Spam” button from their email clients, this data goes directly to their ISPs. If you have signed up for various ISPs’ feedback loops, COP 10.0 automatically processes the spam-complaint data you receive from the ISPs and promptly removes these subscribers from your lists. You can even view a report that shows which members and which mailings are generating spam complaints.